All plants and flowers that belong to the below labels have been selected, developed, and produced by Suphachadiwong Orchids. For the EU market, this company has established exclusive partnerships with each of the four growers: Kwekerij Zeurniet, Fransen Orchideeën, Anco pure Vanda, and Aardse Orchideeën. Each product group is connected to one of the four expressions.

is used for any ambience that is very relaxed or relaxing. Also when you have accomplished something that was not difficult. When you say “everything is Sabai-Sabai” it means: everything is great and couldn’t be better.

is used to encourage somebody in an activity or in a performance. When you say ‘Su-Su!’ to somebody is means: you can do it! Go for it! Keep going! and in Thailand they say Su-Su! while making the ‘peace sign’.

is used when you want to show that you are very impressed with somebody’s performance. When you say ‘Sud-Yod’ it means: great job! cool! or brilliant! and in Thailand they say Sud-Yod! while putting thumbs up.

is used for any activity where you have a lot of fun. When you say that an activity or event is Sa-nook is means: it is exciting, a lot of fun, delightful and that you enjoy it very much.