New! Vanda Su-Su® Stix. Vanda mix and stick in one package!

If there is one flower which is an eye-catcher, it is the Vanda. But how can you include an exclusive tropical flower like the Vanda well into a bouquet? With the Vanda Su-Su® Stix! It’s a solution for you as a florist, because most of the work has been done for you. The flower has already been put in a flower tube, a wooden stick has been added to the package. All you need to do is to show your creativity by making an original bouquet!

A ready-made concept
Vanda Su-Su Stix is a complete concept, ready-made. A special holder has been developed which fits precisely into the standard Vanda Su-Su box. In here, the flowers can be packed neatly and easily and transported. Vanda Su-Su Stix are offered standard in a mix of four different colours and varieties. In total you will find 24 Vanda flowers in one package. Do you prefer other colours or sizes? They can be delivered upon order. The holder also provides places for 14 extra-large (XL) Vanda flowers, as a welcome variation. These are also available to order.

Where is the Vanda Su-Su Stix for sale?
Vanda Su-Su Stix is available for every florist by ordering them through export companies, flying Dutchmen and flower wholesalers. They can order fresh flowers at the producer of Vanda Su-Su on a daily basis so that you are sure to have the most fresh flowers as possible. Zeurniet offers daily a beautiful range of varieties and colours of Vanda. They produce Vanda on the Vanda Su-Su trademark as plant, as spick and from now also as a single flower.

How does the Vanda Su-Su Stix work?

- You can incorporate the Vanda Su-Su Stix in bouquets with a maximum length of 55 cm
- Take the flower tube with the Vanda from the holder
- Attach the stick into the appropriate opening (at the bottom of the flower tube)
- Arrange the Vanda in the bouquet
- Is the bouquet of shorter length? Then simply cut the stick to the desired length

Vanda Su-Su Stix is from now available and can be ordered (vbn code: 118828).

If you need information about the availability and content of Vanda Su-Su Stix? Send your e-mail to

Would you, like to order Vanda Su-Su Stix, (only possible with an administration account of van FloraHolland), please contact Zeurniet directly via of call +31 174 630014.

We wish you lots of creativitiy and new inspriration with Vanda Su-Su Stix!