Vanda breeder launches new website

With the new website, the breeder of Vanda orchids and the two Dutch growers of Vanda flowers and plants present themselves together to make the product better known to exporters, importers, retailers and consumers. This website went live recently. The website contains inspiring images and gives a clear and concise overview of the tropical plants and flowers available from the Su-Su® label.

The website, of course, meets all the requirements of the present time and is fully responsive. Through the website, buyers of tropical flowers and plants will get a good idea of all the possibilities that exist with Vanda. In addition, it gives a good impression of the offer that both growers can supply. The offer is subdivided into flowers, plants and concepts.

A lot of attention was spent on care tips for consumers and especially for exporters, in order to ensure that the end user will be able to enjoy his or her Vanda to the full. The atmospheric inspirational images complete the website and picture the beauty of the flowers very well.

Su-Su® Vanda is an initiative of the breeder Suphachadiwong Orchids from Thailand together with the growers Kwekerij Zeurniet and Anco pure Vanda. With the new website we look forward to a colourful future for Vanda. Therefore: Su-Su! (Go for it, Vanda)