Vanda Su-Su® Stix making small adjustments to the sticks

Since the introduction of Vanda Su-Su Stix in October of this year, we have received much positive feedback from dealers and florists, along with some suggestions for minor improvements from users.

For example, the flower tube is sometimes too loosely attached to the stick and comes off in the bouquet or flower arrangement. We explored possible causes for this problem and found that the sticks vary slightly in size, though this is sometimes just a tenth of a millimetre. We are discussing a structural solution with the manufacturer of the sticks, but until one is in place, all sticks at Kwekerij Zeurniet will be dipped to produce a rough coating. This ensures that the tubes sit firmly on the stick. As this alleviates the problem, the sticks will continue to be treated like this until the manufacturer has found a permanent solution.  This step should greatly reduce the number of complaints received.