Tips! Prevent cold damage of Vanda

By now, the chain is aware that Vanda is a tropical plant and flower. Vanda responds best to a temperature between 16 and 25°C during transport, storage and in the shop. In the winter this can present quite a challenge, which is why we are giving you extra tips on behalf of Vanda Su-Su.

1)      It is possible to order Vanda spikes in sealed boxes, but only for orders placed directly with Kwekerij Zeurniet. You receive the flowers ordered in sealed boxes that differ from the standard boxes as they do not have a window. A sealed box is better at keeping the cold out.

2)      Kwekerij Zeurniet also offers the option of packaging each order of 4 boxes in a double-thickness export box for a small surcharge.  This box of thick cardboard accommodates 4 standard Vanda boxes and thus insulates and protects the product even more.

3)      When trolleys and trucks are being loaded, your buyers' order of Vanda can be packaged and transported in the middle of the truck, where it remains warmer longer than at the bottom or top of the load.

The optimal solution is to transport the Vanda flowers along with the plants. If that is possible for you, it is the best way to ensure your enjoyment of Vanda.